45 Days Training tips

Become a better athlete in 45 days

Furnishing your movements and skills is the only way to become an elite athlete. And to do that you need to improve your mental strength as well as your body condition. Here are some tips which will let you improve your physical condition.

Know the requirements

Each and every sport has its particularity. So you better know the basic requirements of your sport. For instance, if your field happens to be basketball then it is not worth having a huge chest. What it requires is the improvement of your lower body muscles, i.e., lower leg muscles. It helps you to improve your speed as well as your ability to jump. So prepare a training schedule according to that. On the contrary, if you happen to be a goalie in football then you should look forward to build your chest and arms. The development of speed can be your second priority.

So be conscious about the requirements of your sport. Learn the training tactics which help you to improve your skills. If you stick to your sport’s requirements and practice accordingly, you will have an upper hand in the competition.

Improve Strength

Physical and mental strengths are the most valuable things in becoming a proper athlete. Now-a-days more or less every sport has become a bit strength oriented. If you regularly follow the football or basketball or wrestling, you’ll see that athletes with greater strength easily outclass their enemies. Again, in lawn tennis and baseball, the extra power gives the athletes an edge over their opponents.

It is to be remembered that developing your full body always gives you an edge. As all the sports are not muscle-power oriented, it is essential to have a flexible and fit body overall. So go for the Olympic style exercises which make your full body flexible. If you want to take care of some particular body parts, such as shoulders or arms, then do the exercises after you are done with your complete physical training.

Develop your quickness and balance

If you are not quick then it is time to improve your quickness. You have to be agile if you want to be an elite athlete. Your movements will soon be improved if focus on your agility and the coordination between your hands and eye.

So start developing your agility now. You can have an exercise schedule which takes care of your abdomen and back. These two body parts are most important to make your body movements quick. To improve your body balance you can try standing on one leg. Also keep an eye open for your muscle-improving exercises.

Improve Flexibility

If you are flexible enough to perform your sport accurately then you are on the right track. Flexibility of the body is one of those things which are needed to be taken care of. A flexible body is also less injury-prone. There are a number of ways which can be followed. Stretching is one among them. But remember always do some basic exercises before you stretch your muscles and body. Or you can have a torn muscle. After you get started with the stretching exercise, try to stretch as far as you can. But do not extend to a point where you will have a pain. This also can tear the muscles. Repeat those exercises for a number of times. After doing it one or two times, the muscles will loosen up automatically. Then you’ll see that you can stretch a bit farther every time.

Improve endurance

Practice happens to be only mantra for building up your endurance. If you learn to get hold of the stress period you will be able to make a better impact on your sport. So try to practice more and more and always try to go beyond your limit. It will help you develop your endurance level.

Say for instance if you are a sprinter, you must take up long distance sprints and sprint hard in your practice. Then you’ll be able to put up a great show in the competition.

Prepare a proper a schedule

It is evident that when you have your competition knocking at the gate, you don’t have ample time to take care of essential things. You are searching for immediate result and for that you must work out some proper plans.

A trainer can guide you in the right direction. You may also have a balanced diet chart to improve your body. Besides you can go for the Muscle Prodigy’s MP45 program. It will surely help you to improve your speed, and strength. It will also make you a better acrobat.


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