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10 Steps to Follow to become an Olympian

If you are predicting that your age may become a bar to your becoming an athlete, then you are wrong! Don’t give up. You can gain some confidence to hear that the oldest athlete to win a medal in Olympic was 72 years of age! So think positive. Following are the 10 strategies which you should maintain to become an Olympian.

1. Judge your body condition

At first you need to realize the present condition of your body. It helps you to choose the correct sport for you. It will also help you to decide your practice schedule.

See you can’t be an Olympic gymnast if you are in the middle of 30’s and a man with two or three tiers in your tummy. Having a packet of chips and chocolate won’t be able to make you a gymnast. But if you reconsider your food habit and willing to take up a slightly different life style, there are plenty of other sports awaiting you. So take an advice from a professional trainer and choose the sport that suits you the best.

2. Choosing the sport

It’s essential to choose the sport. Many aspiring athletes choose their sport according to their likeness. So if you’ve already decided your ground, stick to it.
But in case you are a little too old for the sports that require more physical ability then you can choose sports that needs the mental strength more. Table tennis, archery, judo, sailing, equestrian, fencing can be your option.

3. Look for a training spot

After confirming your sport you need to practice hard to get into shape. For that you need a proper training place. By joining an athletic club you can furnish your skills. You can also visit the nearest high school or university campus to get trained.

4. Joining the National Governing Body

Joining the National Governing Body is important. The National Championship games are held by them. And very often they conduct camps for aspiring athletes too. They have a National Team of their own. So to reach the next level you must join NGB. You can have more details by going through their website.

5. Start competing

It is essential to take part in the competitions. It will boost your confidence level. A number of tournaments are organized by the NGB. So it is better you consult them. They will recommend you where to take part. It will help to improve your ranking if it is necessary in your sport.

6. Search for a trainer

Unless you get a coach it is difficult for you to modify your skills. So get a professional trainer before entering a competition. He will help you to practice according to a proper chart. You can find a coach in the training centers of your locality.

7. Visualize your success

If you can visualize your success it will be easier to convert them into reality. They say it is much more fruitful to visualize the swinging of the golf 1000 times than to practice it for 10000 times.

If diving is your sport, then you should visualize the complete performance. Start visualizing from going up through the ladder to reach the platform to jumping down into the water without a single wrong move. Then imagine the cheering audience, the news channels interviewing you and so on. A proper visualization always helps you to achieve success.

8. Find financer

It is very crucial to have a financer. After you start training, you will have to look for money to buy essentials and to take care of yourself. Athletic scholarships, joining an Olympic Training Center can be your option. Take the advice from the NGB and they will help you find one.

You can also get the corporate sectors as your financer. For that you need to consult with the respective departments of the companies or you can have a sports agency contacting the corporate world.

9. Take part in the national championships

As the structure of the National Championships organized by NGB is as similar as the Olympic Games, you must take part in those championships. It will help you to judge your condition. The national coaches are there to help you. They will spot out your strengths and weaknesses. You should train yourself accordingly.

10. Making a place in the Olympic Squad

The qualifying procedures are not the same for all the sports. If you are an individual athlete you have to take part in a qualifying competition. If you win you get selected, as simple as that.

But if you are a team-game player such as volleyball or basketball or football, you are to be selected according to your team’s recent performance and your part played in that performance. The national coaching squad is there to handle the selection procedure.

If you are in for the Olympics then you must have reached one of the toughest dreams of your life. Don’t think too much. See yourself standing in the podium with a gold medal in your neck and have a blast!


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